Monday, 19 January 2015

Básico 1- Family

You can download this presentation to practise vocabulary about the family.
Podéis descargar esta presentación para practicar el vocabulario de la familia.

If you prefer you can do it with the Simpsons. Watch the video and write down the answers. Use "his / her / their" and a family word as in the example.
Si preferís, podéis hacerlo con los Simpson. Ved el vídeo y anotad las respuestas. Usad "his/her/their" y un parentesco como en el ejemplo.


  1. Marge and her daughter
  2. Bart and his uncle
  3. Jacqueline and her granddaughter
  4. Selma and her nephew
  5. Marge and her husband
  6. Patty, Selma and their niece
  7. Homer and his wife
  8. Mona and her grandson
  9. Bart and his aunt
  10. Bart, Liza and their cousin

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