Saturday, 19 January 2013

Básico 1-Homework

Do the activities for unit 3C in your workbook.
Make questions for these sentences as in the example:

  • She is from Madrid -> Where is she from?
Do the same with these answers:
  1. Z-E-L-L-W-E-G-E-R. _______________________________?
  2. She's 8 years old. _______________________________?
  3. We like Colin Firth because he is very good-looking. _______________________________?
  4. He has 3 friends from Egypt. _______________________________?
  5. I have a big car. _______________________________?
Click here to watch a video and do exercises about telling the time. The listening activities can be a little difficult.
Haced clic aquí para ver un vídeo y hacer ejercicios para decir la hora. Los listenings pueden ser un poco difíciles.