Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Intermedio 1 - 23rd November

If you couldn't come to class today, you can get a summary of the PowerPoint presentation about numbers by clicking here.
I'll try to keep this blog and the folders updated so that you can work at home.
Important news: there'll be a listening test on Thursday, 25th November. It won't take long (no durará mucho).

Homework Básico 1 - 22nd November

Leed y rellenad el impreso que encontraréis en esta carpetaNo es necesario hacer frases completas ni dar datos personales: podéis inventaros un personaje extravagante aunque pensaréis que bastante complicado es ya decir la verdad en inglés como para además inventarse cosas.


Do you like money?
Listen to the video and do the activity in unit 2A.

Click here to read the lyrics.