Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas homework. Intermedio 1

Sorry for not posting your homework before.
This is the worksheet I handed out on 20th December.
Have a look at the writing activity on page 33 in your classbook. Choose one of the opening sentences and continue the story (about 130- 170 words).
You can hand it in after Christmas or email it to me.
Have a happy new year.

Christmas homework. Básico 1

I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas day with your family and friends.
Espero que hayáis tenido una feliz navidad con vuestra familia y amigos.

Sorry for not posting your homework before.
Siento no haber publicado antes vuestra tarea.

Finish the exercises on page 35 in your classbook.
Acabad los ejercicios de la página 35 del libro.

This is the copy I gave in class as homework.
Esta es la copia que di en clase como tarea el último día.

And if you have time and want to, you can write a composition talking about sport.
Y si tenéis tiempo y queréis, haced una composición sobre el deporte.

Have a happy new year.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Talk in English

There'll be a talk whose title is "A traditional British Christmas" by Tamsin Stirling  & Bethan Morgan in room 6 on Monday 12th  at 17.00 and also on Tuesday 13th at 11.00.
I hope you can go and enjoy it.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Básico 1-3. Homework

This is your homework for next week.  Download the worksheet and do the first page for Monday.

Esta es la tarea para la próxima semana. Descargad esta copia y haced la primera página en casa para el lunes.

We did a listening exercise. Listen to it twice or three times and correct the wrong information.  Download the worksheet.
Hemos hecho un listening. Escuchadlo 2 ó 3 veces y corregid la información incorrecta. Descarga el ejercicio.

And you can also listen to this song by Katy Perry and complete the gaps with the words in the boxes. Download the worksheet.
Y también podéis escuchar esta canción de Katy Perry y completar los huecos con las palabras de los recuadros.  Descargad el ejercicio.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Básico 1-1- Homework for 13th December

Como tenéis mucho tiempo libre si no podéis venir a clase descargad esta copia y hacedla en casa.

En la gramática "Essential Grammar in Use", página 173, ejercicio 2. Si el vocabulario es muy difícil, podéis usar este diccionario online "wordreference.com". Tenéis un enlace a la derecha.

Este es el listening que hicimos el martes. Desde este enlace podéis escuchar el audio.

Listen to Mark describing a photo of his family. Tick (ü) A, B, or C.
1  Jill is __________.                
               30            13            28      
2  Michael is Jill’s __________.         
               brother            father            husband      
3  Joe is __________.                 
               at school          at university            at work      
4  Barbara works in __________.    
               a school            a university            a hospital      
5  Sue lives in __________.             
               Spain            Portugal            England      

Intermedio 1- Homework

This is the second part of your homework for these holidays.
The worksheet has some grammar explanations and exercises (in order to, so as to...), a cloze text and a song which we will work with in class.
Do also "Language focus: describing habits" on page 28, Global pre-intermediate student's book.