Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Homework Básico 1 - 24th November

Homework for Monday, 29th November:

The answers are below (las soluciones están al final)

Translate this text into English:

Hola, me llamo Will y estos son mis amigos, Annette y Max. No somos españoles pero nos gusta este país.
Annette es piloto y vive con sus padres.
Max está casado y trabaja con su mujer. Son muy felices y tinen 3 mascotas. Sus nombres son Mimi, Elfo y Fujur. Tienen 2 años.

Write questions for these answers. (Haz preguntas para estas respuestas).
-          ____________________________? I'm from Spain.
       Where are you from?

-          ____________________________?  I work in an office.
-          ____________________________?  No, she doesn’t do yoga.
-          ____________________________?  I’m 29.
-          ____________________________?  I don’t like sugar.
-          ____________________________?  I come to school in the morning.
-          ____________________________?  I am a student.
-          ____________________________?  Yes, he has a dog.
-          ____________________________?   Yes, we are.

Hi, my name's Will / I'm Will and these are my friends, Annette and Max. We aren't Spanish but we like this country.
Annette is a pilot and (she) lives with her parents.
Max is married and (he) works with his wife. They're very happy and have three pets. Their names are Mimi, Elfo y Fujur. They are two (years old).

Where do you work?  I work in an office.
Does she do yoga? No, she doesn’t do yoga. 
How old are you?  I’m 29.
Do you like sugar / What don't you like?  I don’t like sugar.
What do you do in the morning /When do you come to school?  I come to school in the morning.
What do you do / What's your job / What are you?  I am a student. 
Does she have a pet / Has she got a pet?  Yes, he has a dog.
Are you from Torrelavega?   Yes, we are. (Cualquier pregunta que empiece por "Are you" serviría: are you happy / are you at home...?)