Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Básico 2. Comparatives and shopping

Here you are some advice for your oral exam. Read this article.
And there are many more suggestions here.

Shopping: reading activity.

And enjoy this song! Worksheet

You can try to do this crossword. The answers are on the second page.

There are some extra activities on this link: Comparison of Adjectives, by Victoria-Ladybug
Find this and other comparatives/superlatives exercises in English Exercises .org

Thursday, 19 February 2015

NOTHING compares 2U Worksheet

Somebody went somewhere and saw something

Exercise 2 There is an explanation in English and a printable worksheet.
Exercise 3 This has an extra word "everything" (todo).

Participal adjectives

Watch this presentation and complete the gaps. The answers are at the bottom of this post. There is also extra practice.

More presentations from eddy arias

Answers Slide 5:

embarrassing- embarrassed
Answers Slide 6:
Exercise 0Exercise 1 You can try the exercise in the middle of the page-
Exercise 2 Read the sentence and decide if you need an -ed or an -ing adjective. Then click "Answer" to check.
Ecercise 3 This is difficult.
BBC - Quizzes The vocabulary can be difficult

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Básico 1- Adverbs of frequency

Try these exercises to practise the position of adverbs of frequency:

The grammar point this week is "always, usually, never..." (adverbs of frequency). Read this text and answer the questions in exercise 1 and 2.
Las palabras resaltadas en amarillo son adverbios de frecuencia. Las que están en negrita también expresan frecuencia pero no son adverbios.

Your homework for next day is exercise 32.2 in this worksheet.

And you can revise with this song

Grammy awards: Song of the year

Watch the video and enjoy the song of the year. Download the worksheet and do the exercise. Don't cheat (no copiéis), the answers are at the bottom of the page.