Sunday, 23 December 2012

Intermedio- Christmas homework

I hope you are doing the units in your workbook and also in Practical English grammar. For those who have lots of free time these days or who want to revise, these are the worksheets I handed in just before the holidays.

  • Page 1 contains a listening that we've done or we'll do in class.
  • Page 2: do the reading about "The Simpsons". We'll do the listenings in class next year.
  • Page 3: do exercises 5 and 6. The audio for the listening "Amazing Hotels" can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • Page 4 is a revision of verb tenses.
  • There's an extra listening activity (to revise numbers) here.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Pronunciation is difficult, isn't it? Enjoy this video.
La pronunciación es difícil, ¿verdad? Disfrutad de este vídeo.

You can do it much better than him. Try.
Podéis hacerlo mucho mejor que él. Intentadlo.

Watch these videos to practise pronunciation (easy).
These are minimal pairs. Listen and repeat (a bit more difficult).
You can download more worksheets and audio files for extra practice if you click here.
You can download audacity to record your exercises and listen to them later. It's free.
Quizzes on the BBC website.
Pronunciation games (intermediate)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Básico 1-

¿Es muy difícil el presente simple?
A continuación tenéis un enlace para practicar.
Cuando  veáis "to+verbo", ese es el infinitivo, por lo que no tenéis que escribir "to", sólo la forma que corresponda.
Example: He (to love) New York. -> He loves New York.
En las que tenéis que teclear, os dará error si no ponéis el punto, la interrogación o mayúsculas (en el mensaje veréis la palabra capitalization) o si para escribir el apóstrofo usáis el acento y no la tecla al lado del "0".
No hagáis el último ejercicio.
Aquí tenéis muchísimos más, elegid alguna frase.
Se me había olvidado hacer el enlace de la canción de The Christians. I hope you enjoy it. (espero que la disfrutéis).

Y ahí va una cancioncilla con más "jobs".

Intermedio 1-2

This is the PowerPoint presentation about the comparison. And if you need more practise on the comparison, download this worksheet and the key.
And if you click here, you can do a quiz online. There are some questions which contain exceptions which I haven't told you about,
The (soon) you get there the better... -> Cuanto antes llegues mejor
This boo is the (good) of the two -> The superlative for two things is made with the comparative.
These structures are not part of the curriculum in Intermedio 1, so you don't have to learn them.
And on this site there are loads of exercises for you to practise English. Some of them might be a bit difficult. Have a look.
Here you can answer questions about "degree" (very, absolutely, really). But first you might like to revise them by clicking here.

This is the worksheet for the song below.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Intermedio 1

This worksheet contains your homework for next week.
This is one of the videos we watched in class and these are the questions and answers.

This is the video about the first ten years of the euro banknotes and coins.

This is the presentation about the present perfect continuous.

Click here to download the worksheet (contains key)