Saturday, 28 November 2015

Básico 1- Adjectives, feelings and demonstratives

Play this game to revise adjectives. Or this.
Juega para revisar los adjetivos. O este.

Watch the video to revise demonstratives - this, that, these those- and school vocabulary.
Ved este vídeo para repasar los demostrativos -este, ese, estos, aquellos- y vocabulario sobre el colegio.

Do you like cartoon films? Download this presentation to watch the scene and do the exercise. The answers are on the last slide. Enjoy it.
¿Os gustan los dibujos animados? Descargad esta presentación para ver la escena y hacer el ejercicio. Las respuestas están en la última diapositiva. Disfrutadlo.

And this one will help you with feelings. Some words are difficult, sorry.
Y esta os ayudará con los sentimientos. Algunas palabras son difíciles, lo siento.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Intermedio 1- Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming. It's next Thursday. Learn a bit more about it. Here you are a video on "Pumpkin Pie", the traditional Thanksgiving dessert. Watch it and answer the questions on the worksheet. The answer key is on the second page. Don't cheat! 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Básico 1- Revision

You told me you liked cartoons. I hope you like this site, it's for children but I think you can find it useful, especially if you like singing.
Me dijísteis que os gustaban los dibujos animados. Espero que os guste esta página, es para niños pero creo que puede ser útil, especialmente si os gusta cantar.

To revise vocabulary and pronunciation you can use this site (beginner or elementary sections). The listening exercises can still be difficult but you can read the transcription.
Para revisar vocabulario y pronunciación podéis usar esta página (los de nivel beginner o elementary). Los ejercicos de listening pueden ser difíciles todavía, pero podéis leer la transcripción.

A very easy listening with personal information. You can find more similar exercises here.

Pronunciación. Hay un cuadro con los símbolos fonéticos. Pincha el sonido, escucha y repite.
Pronunciation. There is a chart with the phonetic symbols. Click on the sound, listen and repeat.

I have just come across this site which can help you to revise what we do in class.Acabo de encontrar esta página que puede ayudaros a revisar lo que hacemos en clase.

This is the worksheet of the song "Words" by The Christians.Esta es la copia de la canción "Words" de The Christians.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

8 Spanish words an English speaker should know

You often complain about the meaning of words in English, for example "get" can mean "receive, arrive, buy, etc."

Read this article and you'll see that English speakers have the same problem with Spanish. I hope you like it.

11th November: Remembrance Day

What is Remembrance day?

Visit this site if you want to learn more.

Why do people wear poppies? Click here and read about it or watch this video.

Or you can listen to these children's explanations.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Básico 1: Spelling and grammar

Grammar can be boring but it is more fun if you learn while you play. Try these games. Some of the sentences may be difficult because of the vocabulary or the tenses, sorry.
La gramática puede ser aburrida pero es más divertida si se aprende jugando. Probad estos juegos. Algunas frases pueden ser difíciles por el vocabulario o los tiempos verbales, lo siento.

Lots of spelling games. Choose the vocabulary you want to learn.
Muchos juegos de ortografía. Escoged el vocabulario que queráis aprender.

For those who are starting, try this online course. There is a bit of everything: vocabulary, grammar, listening... I hope you like it.
Para los que estáis empezando, probad este curso online. Hay un poco de todo: vocabulario, gramática, comprensión oral,... Espero que os guste.

You can try units 1 and 2 on this site. The problem is that you have to click to know what the exercise is about. Unit 1 is the verb to be and unit 2 is possessive adjectives. Again, it can be difficult for beginners, sorry.
Podéis probar las unidades 1 y 2 de este sitio. El problema es que tenéis que pinchar para saber de qué va el ejercicio. La unidad 1 es el verbo "to be" y la 2 los adjetivos posesivos. Una vez más, puede ser difícil para los que empezáis este año.

Enjoy the song. Download the worksheet with answers.Disfrutad de la canción. Descargad la  actividad y la solución.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is to remember the famous plot in 1605 when seven men attempted to blow up the King and Parliament and that it became known as the Gunpowder Plot.

You can read the transcription on YouTube, just next to "compartir", if you click on "mas".
I hope you like to learn a bit about British History.