Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Intermedio 1. The best job in the world and homework

Listen to this piece of news and answer the questions below. The answers are at the bottom of the post.

Decide if the following sentences are true or false. Correct the false information.
1- The position is for a lifeguard.
2- You'll just have to clean the pool and write a weekly blog about the experience.
3- You'll live in a hut.
4- Candidates have to be over 21 and be able to swim.
5- Candidates need a university degree.
6- On the opening day, there were few visits to the website.
7- Applicants have to send a CV with a photo.
8- If you're interested, you have to apply before 23rd April.
(Activity created by Yolanda Sánchez, EOI Torrelavega)


1- False. It's for a caretaker.
2- True.
3- False. You'll live in a three-bedroom luxury villa.
4- False. They have to be over 18.
5- False. It is open to anybody.
6- False. The website was flooded.
7- False. They have to submit a one-minute video explaining why they are the perfect candidate for the position.
8- False. You have to apply before February 22nd.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Intermedio 1- Homework

We worked with modal verbs. Your homework for Thursday is the file called "modal verbs".
We did "modal verbs (2)" in class.
Do also the exercises on modal verbs on page 56 in your classbook.
Make your guesses. The answer is below. Don't cheat.

If you have problems to open the files, send me an e-mail at yolanda.cabezas@educantabria.es

Answer to "modal verbs (2)": 3, 5, 16, 19.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Básico 1-1. Homework 14th February

Do the activities at the end of unit 7 in the Students' book (the page on the right = página de la derecha).

Intermedio 1- Homework 14th February

How much vocabulary related to work do you know? Use this presentation to check.
Your homework for next lesson is on page 141, student's book, the exercise on top "HAVE".

Monday, 13 February 2012

Básico 1-3. Homework 13th February

Essential Grammar in Use. Unit 60, page 121.
Do exercises 1, 2 and 3.
Bring your grammar on Wednesday.
You can also download some extra practise from here:

Use this presentation to practise talking about "likes and hobbies".

Intermedio 1- Homework

Extra exercises to practise the future. Download the worksheet (with answers).

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Básico 1- Food Listening


Intermedio 1- Homework 7th January

Do the exercises on this worksheet. It deals with adjectives (-ed versus -ing) and also strong adjectives versus normal ones (big vs. enormous)

Básico 1- 1, 7th February

Homework for Thursday, 9th.
Read this text and answer the questions in exercises 1 and 2.
Las palabras resaltadas en amarillo son adverbios de frecuencia. Las que están en negrita también expresan frecuencia pero no son adverbios. Fijaos bien en la posición de ambas. 

Haced también el segundo ejercicio de esta copia (I / always / late / Mondays. I'm always late on Mondays).

Homework for next week.
En la gramática "Essential Grammar in Use", id haciendo los siguientes ejercicios de la unidad 95 y la próxima semana me preguntáis las dudas. Recordad que tenéis las soluciones al final de libro.

  • ejercicio 1 completo, 
  • ejercicio 2 no hacer frases 4, 8, 9, 19, 13,15 
  • ejercicio 3  y 4- no los hagáis
  • ejercicio 5, traducid sólo las frases 1, 2 ("alguna vez" en preguntas se dice "ever"), 3 y 4 (mucho cuidado con el orden, tiene trampa).
Too much homework, I'm afraid!
¡Demasiada tarea, me temo!

Intermedio 1- time clauses and Carbon footprint

Would you like to know what's your carbon footprint and how you can reduce your impact on this planet? Try one of these calculators:

Time clauses.

Simple exercises:
Fill in the gaps with the correct verb tense:
The future.
Here you are another

Friday, 3 February 2012

The logical song

Listen to the song and complete the gaps in this worksheet. The answers are on the second page. DON'T CHEAT!.


The following sentences all appear in the film trailer. Number them 1-8 according to the order you hear them.
a) _____ Isn’t it about time we play it again?
b) _____ Ingrid Bergman is Ilsa, the last woman he ever expected to see.
c) _____ If you knew how much I loved you, how much I still love you.
d) _____ He’s travelling with a lady.
e) _____ You have to think for both of us. For all of us.
f) _____ I stick my neck out for nobody.
g) _____ There is a man arrived in Casablanca on his way to America.
h) _____ That’s my least vulnerable spot.

  Answers:     a-8      b- 4      c-5      d-3    e-6      f-1      g-2      h-7

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Básico 1-3- Food and song

This is the PowerPoint presentation about FOOD.
You can also download the exercise for this song. I hope you like it (espero que os guste).