Thursday, 11 January 2018

Play this game with your friends, just for fun. It doesn't take long.
If you need more practice, try this link. Click on the left column for exercises and you can find the grammar explanations for them on the right.
And you can download the game we played yesterday. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

 And a song which deals about stereotypes about men and women: if you like music, why don't you try to fill in the gaps in this song: The Boy Does Nothing, by Alesha Dixon?

Monday, 18 December 2017

Básico 1- Present simple: questions

How much do you know about Christmas? Try this quiz for fun.

And this is the presentation of the present simple.

And you can listen to this song and do the worksheet. The video has subtitles in Spanish. It's so romantic!!!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Intermedio 1- Comparison

This is the PowerPoint presentation about the comparison.

 And if you need more practise on the comparison, download this worksheet and the key.
And if you click here, you can do a quiz online. There are some questions which contain exceptions which I haven't told you about,
The (soon) you get there the better... -> Cuanto antes llegues mejor
This book is the (good) of the two -> The superlative for two things is made with the comparative.
These structures are not part of the curriculum in Intermedio 1, so you don't have to learn them.
And on this site there are loads of exercises for you to practise English. Some of them might be a bit difficult. Have a look.
Here you can answer questions about "degree" (very, absolutely, really). But first you might like to revise them by clicking here.
This is the worksheet for the song below.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Básico 1- Daily activities and the present simple

Listen and repeat. Activad los subtítulos para que sea más fácil asociar pronunciación y ortografía. Si no sabéis cómo, ved este vídeo.

Download the presentation and practise the exercises below.
Descargad la presentación y practicad con los ejercicios a continuación.


"-s/-es" or not?
"-s/-es" and spelling
Write sentences in the present (fijaos bien en la puntuación, si no ponéis mayúscula o punto al final de la frase la da como incorrecta. No tenéis que poner la palabra "to")
Complete the sentences with a word from the list.


You can practise the present simple with these games. The vocabulary can be difficult.
Podéis practicar el presente simple con estos juegos. El vocabulario puede ser difícil.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Básico 1- Adjectives and emotions

Watch this video. Listen and repeat.

This is another video to revise adjectives.

Revise adjectives using this game.
This is for opposites. And this one too.
And even more games

This is a slow song: listen and sing.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Present perfect continuous and strong adjectives

British Council unit for this grammar point.
Basic present perfect simple and continuous exercises.
Multiple choice exercise.

Watch this presentation and do the exercises below:

Matching pairs.
Very or absolutely?
Try this game. You have to type fast.
If these are not enough, you can have a look here (the list is much longer and the exercises are more difficult).

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Intermedio 1- Present perfect/past simple. Money

Do you like THE PINK PANTHER? Watch this video and predict what has happened to the different characters (pay attention to the way verb tenses are used).

We learnt about the present perfect and the past simple in Básico 2. You can use these posts to revise a bit: Post 1 and post 2

Here you are two extra exercises (exercise 1, exercise 2). If you use contractions, remember to use the apostrophe (the same key as ? -> en la misma tecla que la interrogación, al lado del 0).
Below the exercise you have a list of common mistakes and the reason why these senteences are incorrect.
Exercise 3
Exercise 4

Revise the vocabulary for money and watch this video. You can download the worksheet and the answer key.

Haven't you had enough? If so, you can do this listening exercise on this topic. Take it easy, it might be difficult. Do it, check answers and listen to it a last time at the same time as you read the tapescript. I hope you like it.

Use this presentation to make monologues. The questions will guide you to organize your speech.
For example: Slide 2. "I have sung in public several times./ I have never sung in public because I'm very shy and I sing really badly so I get embarrassed easily".