Wednesday, 23 January 2019

B1- Revision: future and vocabulary

Have you ever played Kahoot!?

You can download the app from playstore and play in teams or player vs player. Here you are some games, but there are many more.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Intermedio 1- Future forms. The British pubs (listening)

There are a lot of extra exercises here.

Watch the video below and answer the questions which you can find in this worksheet.
If you can't download it, you can do the exercises on this website.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Listening: Shopping for clothes

Here you are several listening activities on clothing and fashion. I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

New BBC app

I've just come across this interesting app which can help you improve your English wherever you are. You can download it here.
I highly recommend you to have a look at  Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop It is more fun than the section The sounds of English but both of them will help you pronounce better.

Make/do collocations. Listening "Exclusive tour inside Harrods"

Make vs. Do

What other collocations do you know with make and do? Try this exercise.
And this is a betting game.

Only for the brave: try these ones. They are difficult. Be careful, you have to type the words and choose the correct verb form.
Exercise1             Exercise 2             Exercise 3             Exercise 4

Listening: Harrods

It was difficult, I know. You can play it again with subtitles. And for those who couldn't do it, watch the video and answer the questions below:


- Harrod’s is one of ____________________________________________.

- You can buy something from __________ up to __________.

- They can get you anything you want, from an __________________________.

- Harrod’s is not only a shop, it is also a _______________.

- The shop has __________ floors.

- A small transaction can be a ___________________.

- The Toy Kingdom is the _____________________________ in the world.

- The store has a thirty-million dollar ________________, which travels at the speed of _______________.





1.5 billion pounds: