Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Intermedio 1- Future forms. The British pubs (listening)

There are a lot of extra exercises here.

Watch the video below and answer the questions which you can find in this worksheet.
If you can't download it, you can do the exercises on this website.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Listening: Shopping for clothes

Here you are several listening activities on clothing and fashion. I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

New BBC app

I've just come across this interesting app which can help you improve your English wherever you are. You can download it here.
I highly recommend you to have a look at  Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop It is more fun than the section The sounds of English but both of them will help you pronounce better.

Make/do collocations. Listening "Exclusive tour inside Harrods"

Make vs. Do

What other collocations do you know with make and do? Try this exercise.
And this is a betting game.

Only for the brave: try these ones. They are difficult. Be careful, you have to type the words and choose the correct verb form.
Exercise1             Exercise 2             Exercise 3             Exercise 4

Listening: Harrods

It was difficult, I know. You can play it again with subtitles. And for those who couldn't do it, watch the video and answer the questions below:


- Harrod’s is one of ____________________________________________.

- You can buy something from __________ up to __________.

- They can get you anything you want, from an __________________________.

- Harrod’s is not only a shop, it is also a _______________.

- The shop has __________ floors.

- A small transaction can be a ___________________.

- The Toy Kingdom is the _____________________________ in the world.

- The store has a thirty-million dollar ________________, which travels at the speed of _______________.





1.5 billion pounds:

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Intermedio 1- Present perfect/past simple/past continuous. Charities and money


Use this game to revise the difference between past simple and past continuous.
I think this is a bit more difficult.


Money and charity
The Charity show
Animal charity

Present perfect

Do you like THE PINK PANTHER? Watch this video and predict what has happened to the different characters (pay attention to the way verb tenses are used).

We learnt about the present perfect and the past simple in Básico 2. You can use these posts to revise a bit: Post 1 and post 2

Here you are two extra exercises (exercise 1, exercise 2). If you use contractions, remember to use the apostrophe (the same key as ? -> en la misma tecla que la interrogación, al lado del 0).
Below the exercise you have a list of common mistakes and the reason why these senteences are incorrect.
Exercise 3
Exercise 4

Revise the vocabulary for money and watch this video. You can download the worksheet and the answer key.

Haven't you had enough? If so, you can do this listening exercise on this topic. Take it easy, it might be difficult. Do it, check answers and listen to it a last time at the same time as you read the tapescript. I hope you like it.

Use this presentation to make monologues. The questions will guide you to organize your speech.
For example: Slide 2. "I have sung in public several times./ I have never sung in public because I'm very shy and I sing really badly so I get embarrassed easily".

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

B1- Past tenses and extra listening

You'll find some extra exercises in these links:

  • englishtenses.com: they are more difficult. You can choose what tenses you want to work with.
Present tenses
Past tenses