Sunday, 23 November 2014

Thanksgiving Scrabble

Do you like playing scrabble? Join us in this competition. These are the clues until now, have a look and try to find the answer. Wikipedia can help you in English (too difficult?) or in Spanish.
More clues will be added next week. Remember you don't need all the letters to make the word.

Básico 1- Plurals-This that

Lots of exercises and some games to practise. Some are a bit difficult, don't do them.
Muchos ejercicios y algunos juegos para practicar. Algunos son difíciles, no los hagáis.

Explanation in Spanish. The vocabulary in the exercises is a bit difficult.
Explicación en castellano. El vocabulario de los ejercicios es algo difícil.

Choose from  these exercises. Be careful with capital letters!
Elige de entre estos ejercicios. ¡Cuidado con las mayúsculas!