Saturday, 29 October 2011

Intermedio 1

This is the PowerPoint presentation for the present simple and continuous.

You can also have a look at the grammar book (Intermediate Language Practice) for further practice. We've alredy checked unit 2, so do unit 3 for next Thursday 3rd November and I'll solve any doubts you can come across.

Do also the two exercises on top of this worksheet. We'll correct them in class.

There are extra online activities on these sites:
The Grammar Aquarium

And you can listen to the song by Lenny Kravitz and download the worksheet.

Básico 1-1 y 1-3 -Homework

Would you like to revise vocabulary playing "hangman"? Click here, choose a category and play. Good luck!
¿Os gustaría revisar vocabulario jugando al "ahorcado"? Pinchad aquí, elegid una categoría y jugad. ¡Buena suerte!

Y un poco menos divertido:

This is the listening activity we did in class. You can find the answers on the last page.
Este es el listening que hicimos en clase. Podéis encontrar las respuestas en la última página.

If you can't install the workbook DVD, you can download unit 1 y unit 2 and do it. Write down any doubts you have and ask me in class.
Si tenéis problemas para instalar el DVD del libro de ejercicios,  podéis descargar la unidad 1 y unidad 2 y hacerlas. Anotad las dudas y preguntadme en clase.

Have a look at unit 61 in your grammar book (the big red one). Do exercises 1, 2, and 3. Exercise 4 is a bit difficult, I'm afraid I don't remember which sentences are easier, I'll update this post on Wednesday.Do sentences 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10.
Echad un vistazo a la unidad 61 de la gramática (el libro rojo grande). Haced los ejercicios 1, 2 y 3. El ejercicio 4 es un poco difícil, me temo que no recuerdo qué frases son más sencillas. Actualizaré esta entrada el miércoles.  Haced las frases 3, 6, 7, 8 y 10.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rock Around the Clock

Do you like music? This is a song to practise numbers 1-12. You can download the worksheet and the key if you click here.
¿Te gusta la música? Esta canción es para practicar los números 1-12. Puedes descargar la actividad y la solución si pinchas aquí.

Intermedio 1- Homework

I've uploaded a new version of the worksheet "Like - look like" because there was a mistake in the key (thanks Eduardo for telling me"). This new version can also be opened with previous versions of Microsof Office Word or OpenOffice.
You can also download a file converter. Read this article and if you find the programme convenient, download it from this link, install it and you won't have any further problems to open Word 2007 documents.

And now your homework: Do unit 2 in your grammar book for Thursday, 27th and unit 3 for Thursday 3rd.

I've also uploaded a reading activity about Obama. We'll correct it in class next week too.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Intermedio 1-2

Was today's lesson difficult? You can download the activity from this link, but don't print it: I had made the copies but somebody took them by mistake and they appeared on my desk at the end of the morning. I'll give them to you tomorrow. The activity is adapted from
There's another worksheet you can use for further practice.
All the extra activities can be downloaded from this link.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Intermedio 1-2 Describing people

Hi everybody.
This is my first post for you. I hope you find this blog useful and it helps you improve your English.
Couldn't you come to class today? Don't worry, you can download the PowerPoint presentation about describing people. Think celebrities and use the new vocabulary to describe them.
If you click on the tab (pestaña) "Files Intermedio 1" you can download copies of the activities, extra practise worksheets.

To be: am, is, are

Practise "To be" with these exercises: (Practica "To be" con estos ejercicios)
Multiple choice (opción múltiple)
Choose the correct word (elige la palabra correcta: hay formas interrogativas)
Fill in the gaps (rellenar huecos: hay formas negativas e interrogativas)
Fill in the gaps in the text (rellena los huecos del texto -un poco más difícil)
Various exercises: (ejercicios variados, pasa al siguiente usando el botón "NEXT =>". Algunos son para la forma negativa e interrogativa)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Do you need help with the alphabet? Here are some links to practise. I hope you like them.
¿Necesitas ayuda con el alfabeto? Aquí tienes enlaces para practicar. Espero que te gusten.

Un juego

Palabras  deletreadas

Estos son los siguientes capítulos: Spelling 2Spelling 3
Y si quieres más, teclea en Youtube "Spelling" con un número y diviértete.

Y estos son los números hasta 10.