Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Básico 1. Homework and nations

Do exercise 1B on this worksheet for Monday.
Haced el ejercicio 1B de esta copia para el lunes.

You can have a look at unit 1 in "Essential Grammar in Use" and do exercise 1. The rest of the exercises are a bit difficult.
Echad un vistazo a la unidad 1 de la gramática (el libro rojo) y haced el ejercicio 1. El resto de los ejercicios son un poco difíciles.

And this video is to practise names of countries. I hope you like it.You don't have to learn all of them ;-)
Y este vídeo es para practicar nombres de países. Espero que os guste. No tenéis que aprenderlos todo ;-)

Intermedio. What's fooding?

Watch the video and complete the information below:

Fooding comes from the words ______________ and ______________.  This concept first appeared in ______________    ______________ years ago.

In David Chang’s opinion fooding means enjoying ______________, ______________, ______________ and ______________ ideas.
The six chefs are from ______________ and ______________.
If the chefs want the event to be successful, they have to know what to do with ______________, the most popular food.
The most important “ingredient” to make fooding successful is ______________ .
All the money they get will go to ______________.

You can download the worksheet, the answer key and the tapescript if you click here.
If you can't see the video, you can click here to download it.