Monday, 27 October 2014

Básico 2- Describing pictures

Useful structures and vocabulary to describe pictures in English. Click here. Section 4 is not for Básico 2, you don't need to learn that.

Simple listening exercise. Read the questions. Watch the video and answer them. The key is below. Don't cheat.

  1. What are Mark and Betty doing?
  2. When is cousin George coming?
  3. What does George love?
  4. Why is Mark wearing a tie?
  5. Why is Mark cooking vegetables?
  6. How long is George staying?
  7. How long is George finally staying?

  1. They are working on some experiments
  2. He is coming today for a short visit
  3. He loves milk and music.
  4. Because it is a present from George
  5. Because George is a vegetarian
  6. He is staying for dinner
  7. He is staying for a week

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