Monday, 25 November 2013

A strange dream

I hope it works. Read the texts you wrote in class and choose your favourite. Just click on the team and send your answer.
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Team 1
I was lying in my armchair in the rainy afternoon, when I fell asleep and I had a strange dream. In my dream I was travelling by train, and I was next to the window, I saw many mountains and it was sunny. Suddenly I heard a woman that was crying because somebody stole her jewels, when she went for a walk with her dog. Then, to my surprise, I saw a horse on the train when I was putting on my glasses. It was awful; the horse was on the plane. Finally, the woman found a lot of money and after that I was woke up, it was at ten to two and it was all just a dream.

Team 2 
We went on holidays to the coast by plane. There, they sent a carriage pulled by a horse to pick us up. This day, the weather was perfect because it was sunny all the morning and we wore a hat and a sunglasses.
Suddenly, in the afternoon it was raining and we bought an umbrella to go home.
We went to the forest to catch wood because we wanted to light a fire. Then, we found a spider and we shouted.
Two of us brought wood and the other opened the door to enter the house.
Noelia played the piano while Águeda and Andrea sat on an armchair and finally we watched a TV movie of castles and princesses.

Team 3
Iwas sitting in front of the televisión late in the evening, when I fell asleep and I had a strange dream...
I was near the window and I was looking at the mountains. There was a bag in my hand but I didin´t know why.
Suddenly a bird came into the room. It carried a bunch of flowers and a letter for me. Then, to my surprise, in the envelope there was a train ticket and some money.
Unfortunately when I arrived, the place was a horrible castle, and there were spiders everywhere. On the first floor, the fireplace was lit, and when I was there, I heard a beautiful melody.
Finally I went upstairs and I saw a television on and a hot cup of tea.
I was in my armchair, and I woke up.

Team 4
When I was travelling by train I found a suitcase full of money . While I was drinking a red wine suddenly I saw a horse , it was wearing a denim hat and it was talking to an ellegant dog . They wanted to buy a necklace for their friend the spider because they were going to a party in the spider's castle.
The party started at 2 o'clock. When they opened the door they listened to awful music and they saw that all the furniture was burning .
Finally I woke up and I was arriving at the beach .

Team 5
In the dream I was sitting above the television , then I saw my dog making the dinner, wearing an old woman's dress , suddenly an old woman ate a watch, as she took out flowers of from her eyes with empty basins.
Then, to my surprise I crossed a door and appeared in the darkest shadows of my living room and reappeared in a dark, ominous and suffocating swamp, then an umbrella emerged from the thick, stinking water, and launched into a strange and bizarre conversation with a tree about the reproduction of the Dead. Before I realized, the umbrella and the tree were transformed into two old women, who were dressed in long black dresses of funeral, they took off their black veils and had strange smiles, then they didn't stop laughing while in the background you could hear Gloomy Sunday.
I could not stand the situation and I collapsed , then the door reappeared from the shadows of the sawmp , and I returned to my house when I had some a cup of tea, sitting in the sofa with my dog.

Team 6
We were travelling by train, we went to the beach when we saw a black and white dog. It was wearing a dress and a beautiful necklace, it was flying on a small carpet.
Suddenly the small carpet landed in the garden of a castle; then the dog went inside and it sat in front of the fireplace. It was listening to classical music when somebody knocked at the main door.
Then, to our surprise, there was a horse with a hat which was carrying a letter and a bunch of flowers.
Unfortunately the dog didn't have any money and it gave it to a big terrible spider.
Finally the horse ran away quickly.

Team 7
I was watching TV when I had a dream. I was walking out with my dog when a saw a plane fall. I cleaned my glasses and I could see better. Then, to my surprise it wasn´t a plane, it was a big black bird. The bird brougth me a letter. The letter as a invitation to visit Eurodisney with all my family. Suddenly, a woman who was wearing a hat told me: "Don't go there. It's very expensive." Then, I woke up because my alarm clock went off. It was time to go to work.

Team 8 
I was sitting in front of the televisión late one evening, when I fell asleep and I had a strange dream…
In the dream I was a spider, I was dancing in the hat. I was wearing a dress with flowers.
Suddenly the door opened and a dog came into the room. The dog was wearing an expensive necklace.
Then to my surprise, the window broke and a black bird flew into the chimney. Unfortunately it burned.
Finally a man who was riding a horse appeared and coaught the hat. I fell on the suitcase which was on the carpet, and unfortunately the horse tripped on the carpet and broke the suitcase and I died.

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