Thursday, 3 November 2011

Intermedio 1. Homework for next week

We've finished unit 1, so, please do the activities in your workbook. If you have problems with the DVD, let me know. We've printed a copy and also made a DVD with the videos and a CD with the audios so that you can use them on any player and not only in your computer.

These are the copies I gave you in class today:
What makes a good language learner
Expressions with place and touch
Reading about Madonna

Your homework:

  • Tuesday, 8th: the reading text about Madonna. Remember: first read the text and try to understand it, don't try to fill in the gaps. Do that the second time.
    If you feel like, read the text on page 15 in your classbook and do the reading and language focus exercises.
  • Thursday, 10th: a writing of about 120 words making an attractive description of a person, real or imaginary so as to be the introduction for a social networking site.
  • Tuesday 15th: Intermediate Language Practice, at the end of the book you have some units to learn new vocabulary. Do unit 10 which is about friends and family.
And finally, the answer to the "Brain teaser" is:
The married couples are:
Ingrid and Larry
Edward and Fanny
Helen and John
Alan and Karen
Gordon and Maggie
David and Barbara
Caroline and Nigel

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