Saturday, 15 December 2012

Intermedio 1-2

This is the PowerPoint presentation about the comparison. And if you need more practise on the comparison, download this worksheet and the key.
And if you click here, you can do a quiz online. There are some questions which contain exceptions which I haven't told you about,
The (soon) you get there the better... -> Cuanto antes llegues mejor
This boo is the (good) of the two -> The superlative for two things is made with the comparative.
These structures are not part of the curriculum in Intermedio 1, so you don't have to learn them.
And on this site there are loads of exercises for you to practise English. Some of them might be a bit difficult. Have a look.
Here you can answer questions about "degree" (very, absolutely, really). But first you might like to revise them by clicking here.

This is the worksheet for the song below.

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